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Retired tech professional turned full-time metaphysician, Jessica has been enamored by tarot cards since she was a teenager.

Her practice became formal in 2017, when she began training and studying Hermetic Mysticism with Naha Armády of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts in Los Angeles. 

In 2021, Jessica opened Tarot de Baja, a tarot parlor in Todos, Santos Mexico BCS.


Tarot is often mistaken as fortune telling. Instead, she sees it as a therapy session with your higher self.

Her in-person and online tarot readings and tarot classes are geared toward generating ideas through dialogue and activating the mythical imagination in all of us.


Hannah has been studying the stars since she was a small girl. She works with astrology as a portal to understanding your soul’s unique blueprint: the path you are meant to walk in this lifetime.

She works with evolutionary astrology, and teaches you how to transform by bringing your awareness to your potential shadows, and guiding you toward the highest expression of your individual chart. This type of reading is not deterministic or predictive, but rather an invitation to personal empowerment with the cosmos as your guide.

Your reading may be focused on a general overview of your natal chart, or if you already have a baseline understanding, can be an exploration of a certain area of life or a deep dive into how current or upcoming transits might be affecting you.

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Bojana started studying Tasseography (the art of identifying symbols and interpreting messages found in the shapes and configurations of coffee grounds) in Serbia when she was 13 years old, inheriting the gift from both of her grandmothers. 


She has always been attracted to magic, mystery and healing from a small age. After studying ancient civilizations and herbology, she has combined it with her never ending desire to be of service.


Her coffee ritual readings wake up your imagination and shed light on areas that need focus, love, and healing.

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Jessica, HANNAH, and Bojana are available 〰 to book→ for intentional events, rituals, gatherings, retreats, and magical ✺ ceremonies.

- tarot, astrology or coffee readings
- tarot classes
- crystal programming
- guided meditations
- full moon ceremonies
- women's circles

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